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Case question

I was wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get a triple clarinet case without robbing a bank. The one I have (a Gigliotti) has both of the zippers busted off. I was ok with that before I realized just today that I have a busted hinge as well (which is under all the fabric, so of course the world has to get torn apart to fix that). I figure I need to get a new case.

Problem: Other than the Wiseman cases (which you practically have to mortgage your house to afford one), I can't find a triple case anywhere. I've done a lot of Internet searching and come up with nothing but dead ends. Of course, I can't remember where I got the one I have (eBay most likely). Net searches tell you which stores carry Gigliotti products, but none of those places carry what I'm looking for.

In the event that finding a triple case never happens, I need something. I've heard that there are some double cases that will accommodate an eefer as well as the Bb and A. All I need to be able to put in the case is the 3 clarinets (all body joints, 3 bells, 3 barrels, and 2 mpcs). I carry all my goodies (reeds, tools, tuner, etc) in a separate bag so that part is taken care of. I can do without the hygrometer though it is nice. Backpack capabilities are also nice but not necessary (though I would like a shoulder strap). I'm trying not to break my already dwindling funds as I need to replace my bass clarinet case in the not-so-distant future (looking at a Pro Tec; the original Bundy case I have now smells and the latches are bent).

If brand info is pertinent, the Bb and A clarinets are Buffet R13s and the eefer is an older-than-dirt Bundy. I do not have the original case for the eefer nor do I have the original case the for Buffets. So, while the triple is currently being held together by its backpack straps wrapped around it, I do need something.

Thanks for your help :)
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