Marielle (rosesarered23) wrote in clarinet,

Small little mp3mergency

Hi guys.
So my Wind Ensemble at our local college is playing the Barnes Third Symphony from start to finish. It's gorgeous, I adore it, and we're having a great time putting it together.
My prof has the links up on his site to LISTEN to the Barnes, but we can't dl it.
I went to Itunes and I can't get the individual tracks off of the USAF Excursions album, I can just get teh whole album if I want the Third .  I don't *need* the other stuff, and let's face it, the economy is a bit tight right now.  
I checked Napster, Amazon,
Totally willing to pay for the mp3s, but I *just* want the Barnes Third, and I'm having major issues just getting it.
Anyone know a source, or would anyone be nice enough to send me the mp3s at my email address if they already have them?  I'd really like to stick this on my car stereo on the way to work and really get immersed.  It's one of the ways I work on stuff.

If you can, would you comment and I'll comment back with my email and perhaps I can get this set?

I was hoping to just hop on Itunes and get it for tomorrow ,but apparently fate has other plans, but the sooner I get it the better.
Thanks guys!

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You should get some program that will allow you to record the sound output of your sound card (read: what you hear through your speakers). A program like Audacity (free) should be able to do this for you (although there might be something with less functionality that would be easier to figure out. Audacity is not hard really, but I don't know your level of computer literacy. You sound card might have built-in functionality to do this on its own without a secondary program like Audacity.)

I remembered that Audacity requires you to get a lame.dll to convert to MP3s, which is a bit of a hassle. Try this program:

It'll allow you to record the sound you're hearing and then save that as an MP3.