Curtis Sebren (bandskank) wrote in clarinet,
Curtis Sebren


Anyone here played any of Eric Mandat's pieces?

What'd you think? I played probably his easiest piece (Etude for Barney) and it was remarkably fun to study! Much different than most other clarinet music I've played or heard.

Some of the things he can do on clarinet are beyond phenomenal too! He blows me away.
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I've done Black Swirls and I'm currently working on Folk Songs.

I think he's exhausted things a bit because most of pieces sound the same... not quite formulaic, but very much a one-trick pony (or in this case, two tricks: quarter tones and multiphonics). Folk Songs is definitely his greatest piece, I think - very awesome, if you ask me. I could do without most of the others though.
Keep in mind I go to Arizona State so pretty much everyone plays the same Mandat pieces over and over again... I may be jaded.