Michelle (ostrich_rock) wrote in clarinet,

Pyne mouthpieces

I got a Pyne mouthpiece about a year & a half ago. It's been at least 10 months or so that I feel like there is a lot of resistance,having to try harder to play, breathing more often, etc...I may have felt all this before then, but I don't really remember. Before I got the mouthpiece I was playing on Vandoren v-12s, 4.5s & a Buffet E-11.  I still play the E-11, but had to move down to 4s because it was too hard to play with 4.5s. I didn't think the problem now was caused by the reeds being too hard, but maybe the mouthpiece itself. I think the model is an M, with a medium facing. I was wondering if anyone who has played on a Pyne has felt this before? I talked to someone once who said they had one, but had to switch because it was too exhausting.  Before I got the Pyne, I was playing on a Vandoren mouthpiece (idk which model), and I got it out the other day to play it, and the sound was brighter and thinner, so I don't want to go back to it. I got the Pyne because I thought my tone should be darker, and harder reeds weren't doing anything, and when I got the Pyne I really liked it, but it feels really hard to play now. Maybe I should try 3.5s before considering another mouthpiece? I haven't had anything re-done to my clarinet in a while, so maybe I should make sure there isn't anything wrong with it either?
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